Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My First Post

Hello people .. wherever you are

well .. i don't know what to say, but maybe i should say some thing about my self, so .. I am 16 years old, A student in secondary school, living in Mosul ( a city in Iraq ) maybe you know it and maybe you don't. After war, a lot of things changed, even the simple things, we can't live safely like the other countries because of the bad situations here. so lost many things and of course we lost a lot of souls for NOTHING !

When I thought about blogging, i said to my self " i have to write something express the days of my life and people life, something that i can share the world with.. share our pain ( and it is too much in these days ) love, happiness, sadness,... etc. and of course share my thoughts and my believes and show them to the whole world.

Best Wishes.

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