Friday, August 27, 2010

Bad news

An hour ago, my cousin told me when I was chatting with her that a relative died by a heart attack. He doesn't have kids, he has only a wife. Blessing and mercy be upon him and to heaven Inshallah. I will pray for him.

Pray for his lonely wife :(

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thank you Allah for every thing

I haven't written a post in long time. I was busy with somethings! Ramadan, lessons and actually I don't have a mood to write anything and it causes me a big trouble in doing anything, it is also effects on a lot of things and matters.

I don't like to complain about Ramadan and fasting this month like some peoples because I simply enjoy it and it doesn't matter how the weather is! I tried and I will always try not to miss a moment of this month and also live the moment. Only the first day was hard because I didn't sleep well in night and I had two lessons from early morning but whoever; it is almost done, half of Ramadan done.

I enjoy talking about my Umra'a and going to there because it is the best thing ever happened to me till now and I hope there is more. Two of my cousins went to Umra'a after we told them how fantastic it was, and they both enjoyed it and it is expected because you feel different there like you are a new person and you can't feel it without going and visiting the most holy places there. Also my other cousin will leave to Umara'a tomorrow and guess what, I'm completely jealous! I just love being there and especially in Ramadan and spend Laylat al-Qadr there.

Well, that is all for now.. I'll try to keep in touch because writing makes me stronger.
There is a lot of thing to talk about but as I told you, I'm not in the mood. Wish me LUCK.

Monday, August 9, 2010

It is coming !


Somehow I've become so unable to do anything, I can't sleep and if I did and slept, when I wake up I feel tired again. I feel bored and when I want to read I can't because my damn glasses is missing and I don't remember where I put last time I wear it.

There is something good will cheer me up, it is Ramadan. I have so many plans to do in this holy month listed below:

1.Read the Quran and listen to it.
   I decided to put the headphone in my ears and listen to Quran while I'm reading it.
2. Go to the mosque for Tarawih prayer and try not miss any prayer.
3. Do a simple project for poor people from my own money.
4. be more simple and keep smiling :)
5. Not to get angry during this month.
6. Never listen to music.
7. Try to enjoy Ramadan nights, I really like its spiritual atmosphere.
8. Help mom for in preparing for Iftar.
9. Offer prayers more than the five daily prayers due.
10. Watch only one series. NOT Bab Alhara! I just hate it.

There is also one good thing happened to me.. The Arabic lessons are done, I don't have to go to the Arabic teachers anymore. The teacher was intolerable. He is always showing off and he is married twice and H heard he is proposing for the third pride.

Today I helped my mom when she was making cup cakes, I think they looked great.

Year after year Ramadan comes and brings blessing with him. I wish you a blessed Ramadan for Islamic world and all Muslims readers.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Together again :)

Life has been so complex and easy at the same time! You are just so happy and then you find your self in a new position. That's what Iraqis life is all about as I saw in my small experience.
My lessons are also getting so complicated, the physics teacher went to Baghdad a month ago as I told you and we'll start the lessons on Saturday. He shouldn't go because he already knew we'll be late and we won't finish the book in summer but what can I say is most of people have
obsession with the money and I'll pray to god to treat them as they deserve.

My uncle came back from Syria yesterday after he sent his family two months ago to Iraq because he had somethings to take care of and they'll travel to Turkey in the first week of Ramthan and they'll come back for Eid.
This family have been always next to our house since my very early childhood so we are just like a brothers and more and that is the reason why I get depress after they leave in their last trips to Iraq.
Yesterday, My grandma and my aunt and my other uncle were in my uncle's house. We had dinner and had fun because we haven't been together since their leaving in 2005 I think so it was nice to be there again.

A funny thing happened to me when we were having dinner, they were talking and sharing the latest news and only my body was there with them. Have you been in a situation that you thinking and say what you are thinking about unconsciously? Well.. that's what happened to me yesterday in front of people! I don't even remember what I was exactly thinking about because I was SHOCKED! And the problem is I was talking in English so I looked like an idiot :( I always think or talk to my self in English and don't ask way because I don't know way! Wired, don't you think so? but I don't. I said " It was a terrible confession and I didn't like him anyway" I think I was thinking about some boy with me in private lessons. And of course don't don't forget the expressions on my face! it is also fatal (LOL). I so embarrassed >>> tell me about it!

I think after all, we had fun.. a lot of it actually and we were like a family AGAIN!
We were a family indeed :)