Thursday, July 29, 2010

Could it get any worse ?!

I don't know from where to start but all what can I say is I can't stand any more!
A few days ago I went to the city center with dad after only one hour, the situation got very bad and after a while it got worse! Clearly, somebody threw a bomb inside the police car and ran away and than they started arrests! The people also start to run away after hearing the explosion and some bullets!
My lessons are great except the physics because the teacher traveled to Baghdad three weeks ago and that caused a big serious problem because we have to finish the physics book before the school start.
The results of the sixth grade 2010 has been announced yesterday, the result generally good but I feel a little bit afraid because next year and exactly at the same date of this year I'll get my result through the internet !!! it is going to be huge thing to me :)
The Ministry Of Education of Iraq unbelievable! They announced a few schools result on Tuesday and the other schools on Wednesday but the problem is it wasn't announced on the ministry websites.. it was announced on other websites and forums before the website of ministry!

So.. could it get any worse ?! You tell me!

"جــاهــل شفته يبچـي گبــال الأمريكـان
تــصـــوّرتـــه زغيـــــر و تـــاه عـــن بيتـــه
گتلـه شبيك شسمك ليش إجيت هنا؟
گــال إسمــي وطــن مبيوگــه جنسيتـه
المهــم گتلـه حبيبي شبيك و شبچّاك؟
و سألــت أمريكــي گتله شبيـك بچّيته؟
باوعلــي الأمريكــي بنظـــرة إستغـــراب
و گــال آنـه أعتــذر بــس كلمــه حاچيته
شفـــت بيــده علــم گتلــه عـراقــك راح
خــذت منّــه العـلــم و إنطيتــه چكليتــه"

Monday, July 26, 2010

Fun! What a dream !

I'll do anything to have some fun ! Oh God.. Be with me!
Do you have anything to cheer me up ?

Thursday, July 22, 2010


What do you think about this photo ? That's all what we've gained from the war and actually this expression in this photo is a BIG LOSS.

A few things came to my mind in the way to home after the lesson, one of the things is us, the new generation who was born from 1980-2010. What have we seen in our life? How did we spend our childhood? We haven't lived just like other kids out of Iraq lived. All what we know is wars since Saddam Hussein's time and till now! Even the little kids now, they prefer to play with toy-guns and on computer screen, all what they do is just playing war games like Call Of Duty and they are only six years old. War became a part of our life. Iraqis lose their minds when they go out of Iraq because they see things that they have never seen in their country. Our dreams are too small, most of people don't have any aims or goals to work on them, and when they go to universities.. they don't know what to study! Most of them like to get in medical colleges only for calling him a doctor and that's the main reason of the bad treatment of doctors in hospitals, because they don't treat people like humans ! My uncle was in hospital a few days ago, he entered it on Thursday and there wasn't no doctor to see him because it's WEEK-END and all doctors at home, and he stayed there till Sunday when (finally) a doctor came and saw him.
How bad we are? every person is responsible of what he is doing because that is what The Prophet said to us and we should doing this but obviously we don't!
Also when I was walking I told my self that I should put a goal for blogging, I should do something useful to my self, my family, my friends, my city and my Iraq but sometimes I wish that I was born out of Iraq ! and sometimes I say I hate Mosul because of the people behavior and reacts. They are over reacted even on the silliest things around them, they keep talking about nothing! just blah blah blah.
I admit it, we should heal the bad situation we live in.
I have never been selfish as most of people say to me and thank god for that (Blushed) but every time I sacrifice they become unbelievable! I am the person who gives you what you want as much as I can, and you can't even say "thank you" for him !? Don't you have minds that ask from you to be nice and help people around you?! it is a very big problems we face !


P.S. : If there is any one with me, tell me so we can do something and especially Iraqi readers.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fairouz: The Legend

Since my childhood I listened to her, only one song because I loved it so much and when I got older I knew almost all her songs and I am still listening to her even that most of people stop listening to her OR they used to listen to her in war time in 1980-1990.

The link below is about her, it contains simple information about her life and her history as Lebanon's Voice Of Hope.

Monday, July 19, 2010

As Usual

As usual as every day, I wake up at half past nine in the morning when I don't have a lesson or something else, of course no electricity only a fan ! and the weather is getting hotter in this month and I'm actually afraid of Ramadan because I have to fast and studying in a disgusting weather, after all I enjoy Ramadan very much especially at night so I have to stop thinking about it.. God will be with us.
In this morning, I woke up by a loud sound came from the street, after a while.. we discovered it was a bombed car, two actually; the first one was near my uncle's house and the other was in the city center. Also the 3rd bridge in Mosul is cracking ! They closed for a month for fixing it, we hope it'll get better.
I think I should go and see a eyes-doctor, my eyes heart me when I read, laptop and watching TV.

I'm already have a glasses but it doesn't help ! so I need a new one but I can't go to the city center to check my eyes and make a new glasses because of the explosions and the bad situation.

" Love yourself, people love you.. best friend for you is you ! "

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Old Mosul

My cousin's wedding was in a hotel, so I looked around the hotel and I found this small gallery about old Mosul and its people in that time. The photos were taken by Nikon camera, it is not my camera, my camera is canon and the pictures were awful too because I took them quickly in the last minutes. it shows the simple life of people in that time. It took me an hour for uploading the photos... so ENJOY !

Friday, July 16, 2010

Neuro-Linguistic Programming


is a great means makes your life easier and more successful. It depends on approach that aims to solve some psychotherapy and organizational problems. NLP was established by Richard Bandler and John Grinder. Bandler graduated from California university and he holds a BA in philosophy and psychology. Grinder graduated from the University of San Francisco also in psychology.
I decided that I should take some classes in Neuro-Linguistic Programming after I finish the sixth grade ( I put all my plans after sixth grade! ) because it works with some people I know. It aims to put plans for everything you do in your life which is makes you life go on more easily after the organization. I should also read some books about it in this summer for Ibrahim Elfiky.
And I invite you to read more about it, maybe you'll like it.

"finding ways to help people have better, fuller and richer lives".


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Talking About Nothing

You know what.. I just want to talk with you more and more and more. The problem is I don't have anything to talk about, nothing interesting till now, If you have something.. tell me !
Nonsense: I love Pepsi, McDonald's and the big mac sandwich. I love Paris, London, Berlin, NYC and LA.

Good Night

Internet For Losers !

Great title, isn't it ? It's not my fault if they don't like what I like, what most of people like ! I've heard the sentence " Internet for losers " many of times but I've never got angry, I didn't care all the time. I thought about it and I said: " What the hell is that? " I paused ! just like I'm in a movie ! lol. I finally yelled and start to explain what we can do if we used internet in a good way. to me, I can't live my day without checking my e-mail and my facebook account in every where I go, every day. I can talk to some relatives in USA and Syria. the whole thing about.. ( I've got enough of your comments, in
the past I didn't care but I can't keep doing this because I should stop you ! ).

so .. you are the biggest losers !

you are missing something great, something can change your life for better. Maybe the Internet is your chance to shine and to be some one.

More Information about me

I like the idea of writing information about myself and then but the post in my information space. I noticed this idea in Najam's blog and I liked it.. hope she doesn't mind.. if you do Najma tell me ! :)

Name: Peace, is not my real name, my real name is Mohammad and that's all what I can tell you (LoL) just to be in the safe side.. OK?

Birthday: I was born in Mosul : 1994, 21/Feb. all my family from Mosul too.

Education: I finished my primary school and almost finished my secondary school, I only have one year left and all my life depends on this year so now I'm sixth grader and after finishing the secondary school I'll be in college Inshallah. Pray for me.

About me: I'm temperamental, I'm always smiling but when I get angry.. all things turn to the opposite. A friend told me that I have dreamy eyes. I feel, eat, drink, think, dream, and cry! never cared about what people say about me, but if those people are dear to me I care a lot. I love to be in good looking too.

General Info: My favorite colors are: white, light-blue, cyan, deep sky blue, navy and black.
My hobbies are: reading, writing, thinking, traveling, photography, music and a lot of stuff I don't remember to mention them.
I have a lot of things I want to do in my life, simply I want to be an architect and I want to get master and doctorate from a famous university in US or Europe. I hate 50 cent and cheap songs. I love England and France, I want to visit US and Japan.
I love calm places but a loud party from time to time will be fun. I can't respond with all kinds of people, there is my type that I love only.I always think I can admire some people for what they are and for what they do in their life. People think I'm wired but I'm not different they are different not me. they should be like I want, why should I be like what they want ?!! Ha ??


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

End Poverty Project

While I was searching about some humanitarian projects, I found this website. It deals with poverty in the world and its goals are to end poverty in the world till 2015. I think it is great to see world getting better, no pain, no suffering and of course NO WARS which is the most important thing to stop it because wars are the main reason of all what people passing through nowadays. If I can do anything for such projects, I'll do my best and give what I can give for them just to make a child smiles. If you have any ideas, share them with me!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Viva Spain

Viva el Español ! Que tengas suerte
It means "Good Luck" in Spanish Language which is I put it in my status on Facebook.

So, Spain won.. ha? Actually, at the beginning I was with England but after Germany kicked them out I preferred to be with Germany and than Germany went home ! I didn't find any one but Spain.
I am actually not that interested in football but it is just getting in the mood. I don't have that patience to sit and watch TV for two hours.
I got some Spanish words and I'm using them.

Any way... Felicitaciones Español

Saturday, July 10, 2010

About The Nishan Party

Well, all what I can say is.. it was so cool but a little bit annoying. To women, it was so comfortable, no sun heat, air coolers, seats to sit on so they didn't need anything. For men.. what can I say? the sun, no seats, and a lot of noise and small kids !!! :( and my stupid official clothes, I hate them, I feel like they tight me and not let move and they don't even fit me as I think but not like mom and dad think. I just prefer jeans and a shirt and that is it.. I feel free and comfortable.
I have a lot of problems when I buy clothes and the first problem is my brother's comments like this one when I buy a shoes: Where will you hide the clown's feet !!! ( just because me and him in same length. and here is another one when I need a pill for my headache he says: it will get expired when it will arrive your stomach !!! any way, when I buy clothes, I wait for until the clothes call me.. I don't search for them, when I see something new and I like it, that means dad's freedom ! lol :)

There is also two parties..Tuesday for men and Thursday is the wedding so wish me luck, a lot of it.

The Wedding Day

The Wedding

Next Thursday will be my cousin's wedding day so every body is busy with this, my mom, my aunts and my cousins. every body asking what I going to wear?! and I don't why ! Today is The Nishan party and I don't know what is the big difference between the wedding and Nishan ! but I guess it is just for presenting gold and jewelery, that is the habit of the people of Mosul and I hate it, it seems like they are buying the pride ! any way congratulations to them. actually, this is the first marriage in the family for the new generation (us) so every body excited about it. And I actually gave a great ideas for the wedding but every body refused it! :) My idea was about the music in the wedding, I said it is better if they play music instead of loud noisy songs!
Some people said once that I'm wired ! am I ? you answer ! because I don't like a lot of things that they like, for example; I don't like Iraqi songs but they do, so they think I'm higher then them but I'm not! that is not my point... also I like hearing Opera music and symphonies of Vivaldi, they think I'm doing this just to be the educated and the intelligent one just to be in the top of the family. They are wired... NOT ME ! lol :)

Friday, July 9, 2010

6-10 Small Devils

Do you know what? I discovered something, something won't change anything but... Mmmm what ever, I don't care! I hate children, From 6-10 years old ! they are just so noisy, don't respect any one, don't know how to speak, who to behave. They are a losers !!!! But of course, except some of them.
There is that who is very smart! they are so lovely.. and I don't meant to be a hateful, oh.. and by the way, I don't hate them but they are cause a lot of pressure when they run around me and when they YELL !

Ohhhhhh ... :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Noisy Headache

My head is going to explode ! That headache is killing me. I can't focus, watch TV, and read.. I think the reason from my eyes! Absolutely I going to need a new glasses.
Ahhhhhhhhhhh !!!

Pray for me to stay alive!

Monday, July 5, 2010

I'm Bored

I need something interesting these days, I feel so bored!
And by the way, I don't know if there is any body reading here, I wish I Know!
If you do, please leave a comment!
Because that will help me to continue.

Thank You For Your Time
P.S.: I'm so happy to share all of this with you.

Love <3

Sunday, July 4, 2010

A day of my life

I've been so sick this morning, after I went back from the English lesson. The teacher said that he can't give us a lesson because there are two other boys didn't came because they were sick too. The streets were so crowded and full of cars in every spot, the weather is too hot. I went back home, in the way to home I felt like I was going to lose consciousness! After I reached I spent two hours in front of the Laptop, it is just I couldn't move! Mom called me for launch and after it I had a nap and then I woke up and I had fever, I trembling and coughing because I felt cold! and then my headache started. I slept for two hours and I didn't go to the Arabic lesson.
My father brought me some drugs. I couldn't go the doctor because I was tired!

That was my day.. how was yours?! :)

Saturday, July 3, 2010


This year is the worst year according to what happened. Big events happened Suddenly and suddenly we lost a very very dear person. His passing changed my life because he was and he'll still like a brother to me. He had blood cancer and he passed after ten years of treatment. When I get bored he was the first person I think about to call. We shared every thing even the little details. When the cancer returned I just was like: "Oh my God! He'll be recovered" All the family shocked when the doctors in Jordan said: His body stooped responding with the chemotherapy. They didn't know what to do, it was so hard times to all of us and in Dec. 2009, he passed in hospital. My father called me in the school and said he will come and take me and I thought that he went back home. I waited for him with a deep feeling there washing wrong. I convinced every thing will be just fine! I didn't know what to do, I was trembling.
days gone.. and days came, and he'll be always alive in my heart and his smile shine on my eyes. Peace be upon him.

To me, it is so hard to write nowadays so I'll do my best to have a good mood and spare time. Pray for me.