Sunday, July 4, 2010

A day of my life

I've been so sick this morning, after I went back from the English lesson. The teacher said that he can't give us a lesson because there are two other boys didn't came because they were sick too. The streets were so crowded and full of cars in every spot, the weather is too hot. I went back home, in the way to home I felt like I was going to lose consciousness! After I reached I spent two hours in front of the Laptop, it is just I couldn't move! Mom called me for launch and after it I had a nap and then I woke up and I had fever, I trembling and coughing because I felt cold! and then my headache started. I slept for two hours and I didn't go to the Arabic lesson.
My father brought me some drugs. I couldn't go the doctor because I was tired!

That was my day.. how was yours?! :)

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