Thursday, July 29, 2010

Could it get any worse ?!

I don't know from where to start but all what can I say is I can't stand any more!
A few days ago I went to the city center with dad after only one hour, the situation got very bad and after a while it got worse! Clearly, somebody threw a bomb inside the police car and ran away and than they started arrests! The people also start to run away after hearing the explosion and some bullets!
My lessons are great except the physics because the teacher traveled to Baghdad three weeks ago and that caused a big serious problem because we have to finish the physics book before the school start.
The results of the sixth grade 2010 has been announced yesterday, the result generally good but I feel a little bit afraid because next year and exactly at the same date of this year I'll get my result through the internet !!! it is going to be huge thing to me :)
The Ministry Of Education of Iraq unbelievable! They announced a few schools result on Tuesday and the other schools on Wednesday but the problem is it wasn't announced on the ministry websites.. it was announced on other websites and forums before the website of ministry!

So.. could it get any worse ?! You tell me!

"جــاهــل شفته يبچـي گبــال الأمريكـان
تــصـــوّرتـــه زغيـــــر و تـــاه عـــن بيتـــه
گتلـه شبيك شسمك ليش إجيت هنا؟
گــال إسمــي وطــن مبيوگــه جنسيتـه
المهــم گتلـه حبيبي شبيك و شبچّاك؟
و سألــت أمريكــي گتله شبيـك بچّيته؟
باوعلــي الأمريكــي بنظـــرة إستغـــراب
و گــال آنـه أعتــذر بــس كلمــه حاچيته
شفـــت بيــده علــم گتلــه عـراقــك راح
خــذت منّــه العـلــم و إنطيتــه چكليتــه"

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