Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Together again :)

Life has been so complex and easy at the same time! You are just so happy and then you find your self in a new position. That's what Iraqis life is all about as I saw in my small experience.
My lessons are also getting so complicated, the physics teacher went to Baghdad a month ago as I told you and we'll start the lessons on Saturday. He shouldn't go because he already knew we'll be late and we won't finish the book in summer but what can I say is most of people have
obsession with the money and I'll pray to god to treat them as they deserve.

My uncle came back from Syria yesterday after he sent his family two months ago to Iraq because he had somethings to take care of and they'll travel to Turkey in the first week of Ramthan and they'll come back for Eid.
This family have been always next to our house since my very early childhood so we are just like a brothers and more and that is the reason why I get depress after they leave in their last trips to Iraq.
Yesterday, My grandma and my aunt and my other uncle were in my uncle's house. We had dinner and had fun because we haven't been together since their leaving in 2005 I think so it was nice to be there again.

A funny thing happened to me when we were having dinner, they were talking and sharing the latest news and only my body was there with them. Have you been in a situation that you thinking and say what you are thinking about unconsciously? Well.. that's what happened to me yesterday in front of people! I don't even remember what I was exactly thinking about because I was SHOCKED! And the problem is I was talking in English so I looked like an idiot :( I always think or talk to my self in English and don't ask way because I don't know way! Wired, don't you think so? but I don't. I said " It was a terrible confession and I didn't like him anyway" I think I was thinking about some boy with me in private lessons. And of course don't don't forget the expressions on my face! it is also fatal (LOL). I so embarrassed >>> tell me about it!

I think after all, we had fun.. a lot of it actually and we were like a family AGAIN!
We were a family indeed :)

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