Monday, August 9, 2010

It is coming !


Somehow I've become so unable to do anything, I can't sleep and if I did and slept, when I wake up I feel tired again. I feel bored and when I want to read I can't because my damn glasses is missing and I don't remember where I put last time I wear it.

There is something good will cheer me up, it is Ramadan. I have so many plans to do in this holy month listed below:

1.Read the Quran and listen to it.
   I decided to put the headphone in my ears and listen to Quran while I'm reading it.
2. Go to the mosque for Tarawih prayer and try not miss any prayer.
3. Do a simple project for poor people from my own money.
4. be more simple and keep smiling :)
5. Not to get angry during this month.
6. Never listen to music.
7. Try to enjoy Ramadan nights, I really like its spiritual atmosphere.
8. Help mom for in preparing for Iftar.
9. Offer prayers more than the five daily prayers due.
10. Watch only one series. NOT Bab Alhara! I just hate it.

There is also one good thing happened to me.. The Arabic lessons are done, I don't have to go to the Arabic teachers anymore. The teacher was intolerable. He is always showing off and he is married twice and H heard he is proposing for the third pride.

Today I helped my mom when she was making cup cakes, I think they looked great.

Year after year Ramadan comes and brings blessing with him. I wish you a blessed Ramadan for Islamic world and all Muslims readers.


  1. Dear peace.
    Ramathan Kareemm for you and all the pure people in Mosul..
    Glad to hear you've enjoyed time with your uncle's family ^_^
    and glad more that you are helping your mother :)

    I have the same plans except the privates lessons ,any way
    Good Luck with physics, at my time we finished it 1 dy before those damned 40 days

    Greetings and prayers ..

  2. Dear Pure Heart

    I'm working to make my plans succeed.
    Ramadan Kareem and THANKS for your prayers.

    DON'T MISS "ذاكرة الجسد" on Abudabi!
    I missed the first episode!

  3. Hoping you are doing fine , dear peace