Wednesday, July 14, 2010

More Information about me

I like the idea of writing information about myself and then but the post in my information space. I noticed this idea in Najam's blog and I liked it.. hope she doesn't mind.. if you do Najma tell me ! :)

Name: Peace, is not my real name, my real name is Mohammad and that's all what I can tell you (LoL) just to be in the safe side.. OK?

Birthday: I was born in Mosul : 1994, 21/Feb. all my family from Mosul too.

Education: I finished my primary school and almost finished my secondary school, I only have one year left and all my life depends on this year so now I'm sixth grader and after finishing the secondary school I'll be in college Inshallah. Pray for me.

About me: I'm temperamental, I'm always smiling but when I get angry.. all things turn to the opposite. A friend told me that I have dreamy eyes. I feel, eat, drink, think, dream, and cry! never cared about what people say about me, but if those people are dear to me I care a lot. I love to be in good looking too.

General Info: My favorite colors are: white, light-blue, cyan, deep sky blue, navy and black.
My hobbies are: reading, writing, thinking, traveling, photography, music and a lot of stuff I don't remember to mention them.
I have a lot of things I want to do in my life, simply I want to be an architect and I want to get master and doctorate from a famous university in US or Europe. I hate 50 cent and cheap songs. I love England and France, I want to visit US and Japan.
I love calm places but a loud party from time to time will be fun. I can't respond with all kinds of people, there is my type that I love only.I always think I can admire some people for what they are and for what they do in their life. People think I'm wired but I'm not different they are different not me. they should be like I want, why should I be like what they want ?!! Ha ??



  1. LOL!
    I've told you i know you before ! but i have not seen you as you said :D

    I always admired your calmness and big mind , you have a good character keep it up! you remind me of some one ! ;)

    i'm good to give information about everything but me , i always mess it up and get out of lines :(...
    some people live to die without saying what they really feel and from what they suffer !and i'm one of them

    good job ... keep blogging my dear little brother :), the whole world waits you
    and Inshallah next year your a fresh year archticteur ^_^

  2. Pure Heart..
    Thank you for your admiration and I have some doubt about you LOL !
    Me too, I can't give a description about my self but I did my best and risked !
    And Yes,I'll keep blogging till I get the sign!:)
    yeah, maybe someday I'll be an architect.. who knows !!
    Glad you are reading.

  3. I've just seen this post.. and I don't mind at all :)
    Don't expect people to change.. better accept them as they are, or leave them alone :)

    I hope you enjoyed the shade today :D

  4. Najma.. I knew you won't mind ! Thank you so much
    I do accept as they are, but some times I lose controlling and then I don't !

    And yes, I did enjoyed it. I hope you enjoyed the wedding too :)

    Thank you