Tuesday, July 13, 2010

End Poverty Project

While I was searching about some humanitarian projects, I found this website. It deals with poverty in the world and its goals are to end poverty in the world till 2015. I think it is great to see world getting better, no pain, no suffering and of course NO WARS which is the most important thing to stop it because wars are the main reason of all what people passing through nowadays. If I can do anything for such projects, I'll do my best and give what I can give for them just to make a child smiles. If you have any ideas, share them with me!


  1. Smile ... smile just smile and life goes on!
    Unfoutunatly we can't do anything to our selves !
    we are such dirty humans who just forget to behave like humans!
    we don't sympathy on each other... with sorrow we are not humans any more!!
    thanks for sharing :)

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  3. mmmm,
    you are preaparing for sixth grade ,right??
    Good like my brother !
    you just seem to me a good guy!
    Any help??... i'm ready!!!

    I'm a quarter of a doctor now LOL :D

  4. Violet's Pure Heart

    Hi again, I'll keep smiling actually! And we can do any thing if we aimed to make our dreams come true, we'll do it. And of course not every body is a dirty human like you said.. let's look at the bright side.. OK? :)
    And I am preparing for sixth grade and I feel dizzy ! I'm a good guy indeed :))
    If I needed help, I'll let you know.
    Thanks for passing by.

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  6. Hi Agian:)
    okay i'm ready to help anytime ^_^
    i feel... like i know you before!
    and why i have deleted the comment is that i don't want any body to know where I study and I didn't mean you :)
    you know how mesllawi people are annoying ... they don't let live freely even on your own blog !

    best wishes :)

    and P.S please ... delete ur last comment

  7. OK.. I deleted it! do you know me? a lot of people said that to me and they didn't even see me! And don't care about what people say, it is just nothing! it makes every thing worse.

  8. Ah... you all who had born in february have the same philosophy ! you don't care about what people say , i wish i could do the same :(

    Any way ... it seems i've talked alot here and disturbed the peacefully moments of you here...
    GOOD LUCK! ^_^