Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Wedding Day

The Wedding

Next Thursday will be my cousin's wedding day so every body is busy with this, my mom, my aunts and my cousins. every body asking what I going to wear?! and I don't why ! Today is The Nishan party and I don't know what is the big difference between the wedding and Nishan ! but I guess it is just for presenting gold and jewelery, that is the habit of the people of Mosul and I hate it, it seems like they are buying the pride ! any way congratulations to them. actually, this is the first marriage in the family for the new generation (us) so every body excited about it. And I actually gave a great ideas for the wedding but every body refused it! :) My idea was about the music in the wedding, I said it is better if they play music instead of loud noisy songs!
Some people said once that I'm wired ! am I ? you answer ! because I don't like a lot of things that they like, for example; I don't like Iraqi songs but they do, so they think I'm higher then them but I'm not! that is not my point... also I like hearing Opera music and symphonies of Vivaldi, they think I'm doing this just to be the educated and the intelligent one just to be in the top of the family. They are wired... NOT ME ! lol :)

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