Saturday, July 10, 2010

About The Nishan Party

Well, all what I can say is.. it was so cool but a little bit annoying. To women, it was so comfortable, no sun heat, air coolers, seats to sit on so they didn't need anything. For men.. what can I say? the sun, no seats, and a lot of noise and small kids !!! :( and my stupid official clothes, I hate them, I feel like they tight me and not let move and they don't even fit me as I think but not like mom and dad think. I just prefer jeans and a shirt and that is it.. I feel free and comfortable.
I have a lot of problems when I buy clothes and the first problem is my brother's comments like this one when I buy a shoes: Where will you hide the clown's feet !!! ( just because me and him in same length. and here is another one when I need a pill for my headache he says: it will get expired when it will arrive your stomach !!! any way, when I buy clothes, I wait for until the clothes call me.. I don't search for them, when I see something new and I like it, that means dad's freedom ! lol :)

There is also two parties..Tuesday for men and Thursday is the wedding so wish me luck, a lot of it.

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