Saturday, July 17, 2010

Old Mosul

My cousin's wedding was in a hotel, so I looked around the hotel and I found this small gallery about old Mosul and its people in that time. The photos were taken by Nikon camera, it is not my camera, my camera is canon and the pictures were awful too because I took them quickly in the last minutes. it shows the simple life of people in that time. It took me an hour for uploading the photos... so ENJOY !


  1. Dear brother peace :)
    Nice shots ,
    i'll tell you a secret about uploading photos^_*, i've descovered it my self :D
    just do the following:
    use microsoft powerpoint
    >>> click insert >>> a photo >>> and then right click on it >>> save picture as >>> JPG>>> the size of the photo will shrink from many MB to only several hundreds of KB

    AND thank you for ur comment , i'll try not to miss the concert of Majida today

  2. Pure Heart

    I'll try to use your tip next time.. thank you.
    Enjoy MAJIDA !! :)