Monday, July 19, 2010

As Usual

As usual as every day, I wake up at half past nine in the morning when I don't have a lesson or something else, of course no electricity only a fan ! and the weather is getting hotter in this month and I'm actually afraid of Ramadan because I have to fast and studying in a disgusting weather, after all I enjoy Ramadan very much especially at night so I have to stop thinking about it.. God will be with us.
In this morning, I woke up by a loud sound came from the street, after a while.. we discovered it was a bombed car, two actually; the first one was near my uncle's house and the other was in the city center. Also the 3rd bridge in Mosul is cracking ! They closed for a month for fixing it, we hope it'll get better.
I think I should go and see a eyes-doctor, my eyes heart me when I read, laptop and watching TV.

I'm already have a glasses but it doesn't help ! so I need a new one but I can't go to the city center to check my eyes and make a new glasses because of the explosions and the bad situation.

" Love yourself, people love you.. best friend for you is you ! "


  1. Good luck dear peace in ur study and Inshallah all ur dreams will come true!

    My prayers :)

  2. Pure Heart

    Thank you for your prayers :)