Thursday, July 22, 2010


What do you think about this photo ? That's all what we've gained from the war and actually this expression in this photo is a BIG LOSS.

A few things came to my mind in the way to home after the lesson, one of the things is us, the new generation who was born from 1980-2010. What have we seen in our life? How did we spend our childhood? We haven't lived just like other kids out of Iraq lived. All what we know is wars since Saddam Hussein's time and till now! Even the little kids now, they prefer to play with toy-guns and on computer screen, all what they do is just playing war games like Call Of Duty and they are only six years old. War became a part of our life. Iraqis lose their minds when they go out of Iraq because they see things that they have never seen in their country. Our dreams are too small, most of people don't have any aims or goals to work on them, and when they go to universities.. they don't know what to study! Most of them like to get in medical colleges only for calling him a doctor and that's the main reason of the bad treatment of doctors in hospitals, because they don't treat people like humans ! My uncle was in hospital a few days ago, he entered it on Thursday and there wasn't no doctor to see him because it's WEEK-END and all doctors at home, and he stayed there till Sunday when (finally) a doctor came and saw him.
How bad we are? every person is responsible of what he is doing because that is what The Prophet said to us and we should doing this but obviously we don't!
Also when I was walking I told my self that I should put a goal for blogging, I should do something useful to my self, my family, my friends, my city and my Iraq but sometimes I wish that I was born out of Iraq ! and sometimes I say I hate Mosul because of the people behavior and reacts. They are over reacted even on the silliest things around them, they keep talking about nothing! just blah blah blah.
I admit it, we should heal the bad situation we live in.
I have never been selfish as most of people say to me and thank god for that (Blushed) but every time I sacrifice they become unbelievable! I am the person who gives you what you want as much as I can, and you can't even say "thank you" for him !? Don't you have minds that ask from you to be nice and help people around you?! it is a very big problems we face !


P.S. : If there is any one with me, tell me so we can do something and especially Iraqi readers.

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  1. Tell me your plan, how you think those people would ever get developed?
    if not here on my blog's email