Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Sister's Keeper

I was searching online and I discovered that My Sister's Keeper is actually a novel and I didn't know that it is actually a book even that I saw movie. I liked the story of fighting leukemia because it is a violent disease. I am really want to buy this book but I am sure that in Iraq it is not exist! so I tried to download it but I didn't find it so I got desperate and hopeless. I want that book! >_<
I also put a list of books I want to read and I'll start searching about some books in libraries here and I'm sure I won't find most of them and especially they are English. Sometimes I can't find Arabic books how I am going to find English books!
I also tried to buy some books online but I didn't know how, I tried in Amazon but I failed! I want to learn how to shop online and where are the book will be sent? please tell!

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