Friday, March 19, 2010

New Blog: Glitters


Although that I don't know much a bout art! I made a new blog that, I would like to share my favorite drawings and portraits for famous artists.
I've faced only one problem, it became in Arabic and I don't know why, if any one can help me to change it to English please let me know. Thank you.

As much as I tried to draw, I couldn't find the gift inside me so i gave up! and as I failed to express my feelings with colors, I became very interested in art so I decided to gather my best artists and portraits in a blog.

In Iraq, it is obviously no body interested in art and such things!
I've put 300 portraits in my Mobil, when people see it they say: "You're so complicated!" am I ?
A person who is very interested in such things, he shouldn't announce this in public!
That's us! this matter really disappoints me!

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