Thursday, May 27, 2010

It is just the beginning

Hello people.. hope you are doing great.

As long as we live, we lose something and then missed it, discover something and then we lose it! When you find your self in a very holy places, that means something more than a feeling! it touches you so deep inside, yet you find a shinning light in the end and find your self there with white wings! That's what a happened to me last summer, when my family stated to think of going to the sacred house of God in Mecca to do The Ummra'a. My parents decided to take me and my brother with them, they asked us to and we couldn't say NO! it is a dream of each Muslim to go there and see the house of Allah, so we agreed however a lot of people told me not to go because I am not old enough to go there, for them; I'd better go to Turkey, They didn't affect on me any way, that was a opportunity and I made use of it and I rally wanted to go even that I haven't imagined my self near to Kaba'a . It was only for 10 days, it wasn't enough to any one but it is better then nothing. whatever I speak about the best ten days, there will be more! What I am going to need then I've got!
If I still alive, next year I do mt best to go after I finish my general exams and finish the high school.
I started the private lessons a month ago, only Arabic and today at 6 PM, I have a lesson in Mathematics in a friend's house.
And we'll receive and meet very dear people next week so the whole family will be busy even so that's cause a headache to me but I think it going to be fun.

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