Friday, November 26, 2010


Do you know what? I realized that when someone really wants something, he can find it even in the most darkest place in the world but first he should have faith in God, himself, and destiny.
I just feel like I was born to be an engineer, I really want Architecture Engineering from my deep inside and I'm really mean it. I love to create something, make it a masterpiece... it is just I love this feeling and it is all because of Dubai. Dubai has been very inspirational to me, study here, get a master degree from Europe, find a job in Dubai and then I'll have the success in my career that I've been dreaming about and then BAM.. I'm the NEXT Zaha Hadid :))
I hope someday very soon, we'll be just like Dubai.

This is a very expressive picture

There is a great show called Dubai 101 it is aired on Dubai one channel and also Out and About show, both help you to take a deep look of Dubai in past, present, and future.

Pray for me!


  1. InshAllah all your dreams become true, but Dubai is not the perfect city that everyone feels it is, especially now in recession time. I know because I live here. I would love it more if you stay in Iraq and have plans to fill our country with beautiful buildings.

  2. Of course it would much better to work in Iraq, but as you can see.. no one of the graduated students can work with his bachelor degree except the doctors, dentists and pharmacists, automatically they get their jobs while the engineers and the others can't find a job here and that is why a lot of students refuse to study engineering and they simply prefer Medical Colleges so after graduation they will find their jobs waiting for them!
    What a government! anyway.. Allah Kareem :)