Saturday, April 9, 2011

The beginning of everything

Have ever had the feeling that urges you leave everything behind you and move on so you can start over and come back stronger? I had it recently and I am still having it now. I want a medication that make me forget the whole year, events and faces and change it to something new, completely new.. new places, new fun stuff, things I haven't seen before because I am seeing the same things since the moment I was born, yet we deserve to get something cheerful.
I start hate the city and the whole world, nothing is normal! war, destruction, dead people, orphans, widows.
I don't even know how to express what I want to say, but the only thing I can tell is I am tired of being here.
The newest news is: I have stopped attending classes in school in Thursday and I am going to to start studying and preparing for the exam which it will be hold in 30/June.
I spend this weekend feeling depressed and I felt like there is no time left to do anything fun for the last time, because I going to spend 75 studying at home.
All I need is a new beginning with new hope and more confidence.
I am not going to post during the 75 day but maybe I will and maybe I will after the exams.
I am going to put some songs to do some changes and bring new stuff to the blog.

Already gone - Kelly Clarckson
Firework - Kate Perry
You are loved - Josh Groban

Pray for me harder than any other time.

لا ننسى شيئاً ممّا نودّ نسيانه .. نحن ننسى كلّ ما عداه

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