Thursday, February 11, 2010

The End OF Freedom

Good Morning people

Next Sunday the school will start again after the mid-year vacation and I will go throw the exams war ( again ) ! I'll get the mid-year marks too and I'm praying for for them to be a good marks, so excited because I done well in the exams and so afraid too and don't ask way, it is just a normal feeling of every student.

The school is kind of lovely place and sometimes it is simply not and of course many reasons make me hate it sometimes, practically not hate it but it is just sick of it.
well.. the teachers and their treatment are sort of bad but of course not all of them.
The math teacher is really good man and so hopeful even in these days and he has an open mind.
The physics is nice but she is just creaming!
The chemistry teacher, really hate him although that I'm not hating any person, I'm just 't like them, but this teacher really hate him because he treats the pupils as ANIMALS! and he called some pupils in a bad words and of course I won't let him called me like that.
The French language he got schizophrenia !
and there is Arabic, Islamic, science, computer teachers.

and I put the English language in the end because I'm really like him and admire him
He has a lot of info. about anything and he is so in love with the Greece civilization
and he likes me so much, he always told if all the pupils just like me Iraq will be better.

The students are so not educated ( I'm not talking about the school subjects ) They don't even know some thing else except that ! and really not talking to some boys because we don't have a connections in our thoughts and interests so we don't have something to talk about.
some boys are smoking in the roof, i can see them gathering in the center and coming up to the roof for smoking, thus there is a lot of kinds of pupils here and I told you not educated.
Thank you god for every thing.


  1. Hi, I added you to my sidebar, I hope that's ok! Your English is great, I'm always so impressed with people who can learn another language so well.

  2. LL..

    your comment meant a lot to me, really
    and English language, it is just the universe language.
    Really glad that you are enjoying my blog.