Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Still Alive

Hello ..

I didn't send any message for couple of weeks so I wanted to write something here
The election taking the biggest part of our life these days, every body talks about his opinion about the list that he is going to vote for. Legally I can't vote because I'm under the legal age which is 18.
Most people are going to vote because they still have some hope and others won't ! because they say it is just promises, no body did any thing since the last election and no body deserves our help to win in this election. And I say, Both are right from my point of view and surly we'll see what is going to happen after the election.

From my life side, 21/2 was my birthday (as you saw in my profile) we brought a cake and some sweets, my aunt came to our house and we celebrated. Best wishes to me and best life days.

My school is doing well, we stop attending the classes before yesterday, we'll stay at home for a week and that would be a spring vacation.

That's all for now ... Bye.

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