Thursday, March 4, 2010

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I felt I didn't talk enough in the last post , so I decided to talk a little more ..
Today we went to my aunt's house in the afternoon, we stayed for the dinner. we talked,laughed and enjoyed and I'm actually love being there after they built a new house and it is far from our house (kind of) maybe because we used to be together in all situations and because we lived side by side for 18 years, that means we shared all the memories of happiness and sadness together too. And another aunt was near to both of us too, but she is now living in Syria with her family because they got an accident.
The election will be in Sunday 7th march, the general situation is calm until now !
The people are doing the shopping in a crazy ways, they are afraid of running out of food and stuff and the others don't have money to eat or sleep!

P.S: I don't know if there is somebody reading here or not! but if you do PLEASE leave your comment because I can't do stuff for no one, I'm doing this for you, keep in touch.

I can't write any more, too bad .. see you later, bye.


  1. I'm reading! You're doing great, keep it up ;-) Let us know how things go with the election.

  2. LL ..

    Again, you are so welcome here.