Friday, April 9, 2010

9 April

Seven years passed since the Iraq war and counting. A lot of people were killed, a lot of children lost their parents, a lot of parents lost their children and a lot of people became homeless! they couldn't stay in Iraq anymore, even in Iraq.
Bombed cars became a part of our life, very ordinary thing. 13 bombed cars exploded in Baghdad in two days ONLY! 50 persons were killed but I don't believe it, as one of the channels said.Just Stop Killing People!

From my life side, I still have the FLU! I hate flu, I also became a fan of "I hate flu" page in Facebook. I also decided that I should learn photography because I have some good vision as most people say around me.
I'm thinking a lot about colleges, this is going to KILL me! I should stop thinking till I finish my next year which is senior.
I put a list of thing I am going to do and one of these things is buying a camera for my own after I heard that Sony 14 Mega Pixel costs 150$ only!
I found a book of English Grammar, I also put it on my list To-do stuff. I should at least read 3 units every day.
I wrote down a lot of things in my Mobil but I forget it on my grandpa house today.

In this memory, I hope that Mosul and all Iraq getting better and become more peacefully.

Good Night.

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