Friday, April 16, 2010

Inner Feeling

I haven't written for a week I think. I tried to write yesterday but I hadn't enough time to complete my post so I canceled it! moreover I have a strange inner feeling that makes me hate my life and people around me sometimes (it's really dose!) so I decided to stop thinking and annoying my self with these silly things because it is doesn't deserve to think about.

Lately, I tried to be positive and keep the smile on my face but I failed! because there is always a reason to make me depress wherever I go, however I tried not to let anything effects me but it is always the opposite!
In school, I always try to treat pupils very kind except some persons who I am really hate for many reasons. Those who I am kind to them, they don't treat me like I do! maybe the don't mean it and maybe they do! Ah.. whatever I don't care anymore!
Exams make everything looks disgusting! I missed a trip to Erbil because of exams.
I have two exams on Sunday, chemistry and mathematics, the teachers didn't agree to abolish one of them, they just keep saying: "You have the whole weekend, not a problem". Could you have a little of mercy in your hearts?! I do hate you.
Everything is becoming so boring and daily routine is killing us!

Good Night

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