Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Physics Project

Before the mid-year exams, the teacher of physics wanted from each pupil a project to work on in the vacation. For me, I didn't care too much about this project and in fact, no body dose! we are just doing this to get more of marks! non-profit. The teachers should show more attention for that because maybe there is a brilliant minds just like me! :)
Tomorrow is the school's day (Almotamaizeen's Day) so the teachers are busy with this and some pupils.
My project was chosen as the best of all the projects of other pupils so tomorrow I have to stay beside my project because there is some guests.
And another thing annoyed me very very much. One of the pupils has thrown a stick directly to the face of one of the teachers, it was painful for her and I became very sad for her, she asked us who did this but no body answered! but I still feel guilty for this, not answering means that I am encourage the person who did this and give him space to do more! he should get some punishment and learn some respect. But I decided to tell her who did this because God saw what happened! should I tell or not?

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