Friday, September 3, 2010

End of Ramadan

Every time I decide to post, there is always something stops me so I made this decision a I decided to post as fast as I can.
Only six days left of Ramadan and after that the Eid will come so I have to buy new clothes and this thing became very uneasy thing to do because I can't find anything I like, every thing is just too colorful. I am already have a problem, I am thin and I think I lost extra weight so not all kinds suit me very well so I have to keep search for something interesting but seriously, what happened to your taste in clothes people? Most of it is not elegance.
Another wish I want to make it comes true and it is to spend Ramadan or the last ten days of it in Mecca and especially Laylat Alqader. Pray for me for that please.

That's all for now because I'm sure there was something also I wanted to write but I forgot what it was.



  1. Dear
    What comes to your mind write it immediately, if not on blogger , on office word...
    by this you can talk and listen , and from time to time read what you have posted and siad on your blog... for me it's a very nice feeling
    I sometimes ask myself, why should I share all those stuffs with people i don't know ... but speaking yourself on a blog gives you a stronger feeling than writing in a diary where only you can read!
    It's time to scream and say loudly I'm alive ...
    Iraqi youth are Solitary already , so writing on blogs is the best way to express themselves at current circumstances ...
    About clothes , they are all suck!
    and elegance has migrated from Iraq as peace has...
    so don't expect to find some thing elegant easily :D
    I have the same wish to pass the last 10 days of Ramadan In mecca , So I'm going now to pray that this wish will come true..
    Prayers and wishes

  2. Well, I think it makes my posts more spontaneous and I want to write when I'm walking,talking with people so I would forget it after this.. I wish I have a digital note book or an IPad, every thing will looks nicer and easier and I'll be Pleased.