Saturday, September 4, 2010


Khawater is a great program to watch in Ramadan in its sixth season by the Saudi preacher Ahmed Al-Shugairy who explained the Japanese success story to Arab and Muslim viewers in its fifth season and also explained Japan's experience of progress and reasons behind its success. Ahmad preached and advised Arabs to do like Japan and rise after all wars we passed just like they did after the nuclear bomb. Their system followed the basic principals of Islam without being Muslims so it is of course better than other programs I think because it erases the gaps in the Arabic community and shows it for the people but the the problem is a few people apply what the program shows.
Ahmad Al Shugairy is one of the most inspiring people I have ever listened to. He is out there with a strong belief that one day he will make a difference. For those who don’t know him! He has a show called “Khawater خواطر” that airs everyday in Ramadan, what he does in a nutshell is sharing his ideas and thoughts to the whole Muslim world and sometimes the Arab world in particular. These thoughts are presented in a documentary style with a short straight forward messages.
 This year the program showed the differences between the Arab countries themselves and Ahmad highlighted the confidential scandals of some countries and how people live their.
I saw an episode this Ramadan that made me think and say:" Where the hell are we? What we are up to? We need a miracle and I know it not miracles time!". It was about Saladin and the castle he built in Egypt. The castle had a water system that transfers the water to all over the city so nobody needs to go out and bring water himself so he compared this with nowadays situation and the way of living of how some people live. There are some areas in Egypt have only one tap in all over the area! So all families have to bring water to their houses by buckets! And to wash dishes near the tap too so how do expect of them to live in this situation?
 Also another thing made me sick! it was about astrolabe and as you know it is an Arabic invention by Muslims that works like watch and shows time. Ahmad asked two Arab guys about it and the big shock was they didn't remember it and after they did, they were unable to spell the world in Arabic so Ahmad said the word for them after all, then he asked an English man about it and he explained for him how it works! Unfortunately the two Arab guys didn't know the answer but the English man did and he is not even a Muslim or Arab!
Khawater 6 roamed around eight countries; Singapore, Malaysia, Turkey, Spain, Egypt, England, Saudi Arabia and UAE to show people not only of how much history we had but of how few modern Arabs are trying to make history today.

The Middle East was the leading world. We had it all technology, Medicine, Science, Theorise, Money and Power, all of which we lost over decades. The show is going to include a lot of history to remind the Arab world how insightful we were.

They made it before us, and we can make it too but first we need to focus and to have faith in God and absolutely this is their secret.
To every young man and woman, you’re not responsible for Arabs being retard today, and nobody has the right to blame you for that!! But young men and women of today are responsible of the future of the Arab countries, you are responsible of what we’ll be after 25 years, means that “WE” decide the situation of the Islamic world in 2030.

 "I am a human" A special campaign to educate and improve the look of the community in dealing with patients also by Ahmad, I'll try to search about it and talk about it here because it is a very important thing.

I'll try to send more links about it.

To be continued...


  1. It makes you wonder what caused us to fall so behind after we were the first at everything. Thanks for writing about this!

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