Sunday, September 26, 2010

Last Day In Summer Break

Well, maybe today is the last day and maybe not.
It is said that the schools will start in 27/Sept. which is tomorrow but it is said also the schools will start in 29/Sept. which is Wednesday so if that is true; the students won't go to school till 3/Oct.
Anyway, it doesn't matter to me because I am already studying and feel so excited and I don't know way! I just want to finish this year perfectly and go to college to study something I love.
I put some notes to make use of them during school and some quotations from some books, I'll write them on my copybooks, some of them are about success in life, I think it is helpful, it raises my morale. I'm wired :)  
The huge thing is, I have to reduce the use of the internet so I don't expect to post more 3 times in month or less. I have to devote all my time for school, homework and exams, yet I'll get my happily ever after. One year will build my life, my future and my dreams.
I'm still not ready to meet the students with me! Have they been changed? or have I? That's the question :) I hope they become more realistic because all what they think about is football and sports. They think for a while when some body asks them about their hobbies and some of them answered "I don't know!" Do I have to change or do they have to change?!
The thing that obscures all that nonsense is: they are in a school for intelligent pupils so they are perfect in point of view of people so they don't have to do/know anything except these things and of course get in Medicine College, be a doctor, marry the first girl his mother meet, have kids, die! Is that a life? Where is the axis and the true meaning of life?
In contrast, there are a few great boys, they are so open to the outside world, have a great life and personality, great actions but they are less than the first type.
Can't wait to hear their stupid comments that express their stupid mind :D (evil smile)

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