Thursday, October 28, 2010


I haven't written in a long time I guess. Pleased to write again here :)

Everything is quite good and fabulous even I lost control two days ago but I did very well in my Math and Chemistry exams. I haven't imagined that this will happen because I was freaking out before the exams. I just thought that I wouldn't do well, but finally I did.
Also a wonderful thing is happening to me, I'm having visions, dispersed visions, various topics, about different things. When I wake up, I can barely remember just few things.
One of these amazing visions ( it is an exciting one ) :)
I saw my self walking in the Uni, I've entered some colleges and I think I was going to choose one to start my new year as a freshman so I entered the Architecture Engineering building although the building did not suggest it to building architecture and the best part is; I did not get out of it, I just waked up!
Interesting.. Ha? I do find it wonderful.
Also another dream, I was hugging my mother strongly and I was going to leave or something and I was crying too! I disliked it.

I want you to listen to this music, it is so beautiful. I love symphonies and I have some and I like the an untitled music and not trite at the same time. *click on the star to start downloading.


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