Sunday, February 27, 2011

What's going on?

I couldn't post anything during this spring break because I was so busy, I had to continue my private lessons which I've started taking them in summer and have to finish them in these days.
I will give an overview of which is now being happened in our life:
1. Spring break is over. today is the last day and I really want to make a lot of stuff in this last day so as not to feel sad or something like that, the annoying inner feeling.
2. This break is awful, it can't be any worse. I have done nothing, I only went out to my grandpa's house and my aunt's house and to one of our relative's house and that's it. It is not enough for me because I am seeking for something new, special and spectacular but any way I couldn't find it.
3. It's all about demonstration which is taking a part in the Arab World these days. I don't know what to say about that but do demonstrators know what they are really want? Do they help each other?
Will they promise not to steal the banks if something happened?
I think we've got enough of killing and death and the situation was getting better and than this happened. Some sides say that the army shot the people in the street and also a number of men were killed.Anyway we'll be waiting for what going to happen next, hope it's a good thing for people first.

P.S: Just to let you know I changed the title of the blog and this is the new one to make sure you get it:


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  2. hello are you in sixth grade of high school ? cause they are ( as i think ) the only group who study during spring break .. i wish you luck .
    as for the protest ... i only think that Iraqis want to do what Egyptian and Tunisians did or why the are protesting now ????
    we were invaded 8 years ago we had no services since , i don't know , because since i was brought to life ( our miserable life ) where no services . only opinion.
    P.S : do you really know what illumination means ???

  3. Helloat :)

    Yes, I'm in sixth grade, but not for long time I wish.. it almost done, there is only the hardest part is left.
    I'm not in the mood for replying your comment about these events because I am sick of it so excuse me!

    Glad to have you here. I'm also in Almutamyzeen school, I might have seen you there and on facebook, BTW you are not the person I thought you to was little mistake and that's surprised me.

    P.S: And why don't I know what it means?

  4. good luck , wish you the best
    work hard to make the sixth grade a good memory
    i would like to talk to you , i like all almutamyzeen students

    P.S: Because it should be unknown

  5. Pray for me! :)

    P.S: And why it should be unknown?